Digital Zooarchaeology

Zooarchaeologists are increasingly employing digital technologies in their research into the archaeological history of the human use of animals. I served as co-editor of special issue of Ethnobiology Letters that highlights new technological approaches in zooarchaeology. This collection of open access articles builds upon papers presented during a symposium at the International Council for Archaeozoology Conference held in San Rafael, Mendoza Province, Argentina in September 2014. I thank the conference sponsors, co-editors, contributors, and conference organizers making the session a success.


Table of Contents

Snapshots of Digital Scholarship in Zooarchaeology: Introduction to the Special Issue        

Iain McKechnie, Sarah Whitcher Kansa, and Steve Wolverton

Ethnobiology Letters. 2015. 6(2):218‐223. DOI: 10.14237/ebl.6.2.2015.556


Using Linked Open Data to Improve Data Reuse in Zooarchaeology

Sarah Whitcher Kansa

Ethnobiology Letters. 2015. 6(2):224‐231. DOI: 10.14237/ebl.6.2.2015.467


Using Digital 3D Scanning to Create “Artifictions” of the Passenger Pigeon and Harelip Sucker, Two Extinct Species in Eastern North America: The Future Examines the Past

Bruce L. Manzano, Bernard K. Means, Christopher T. Begley, and Mariana Zechini

Ethnobiology Letters. 2015. 6(2):232‐241. DOI: 10.14237/ebl.6.2.2015.368


Image-Based 3D Modeling as a Documentation Method for Zooarchaeological Remains in Waste-Related Contexts

Stella Macheridis

Ethnobiology Letters. 2015. 6(2):242-248. DOI: 10.14237/ebl.6.2.2015.342


Data Collection in Zooarchaeology: Incorporating Touch-Screen, Speech-Recognition, Barcodes, and GIS

Flint Dibble

Ethnobiology Letters. 2015. 6(2):249‐257. DOI: 10.14237/ebl.6.2.2015.393



A Look from the Inside: MicroCT Analysis of Burned Bones

Francesco Boschin, Clément Zanolli, Federico bernardini, Francesco Princivalle, and Claudio Tuniz

Ethnobiology Letters. 2015. 6(2):258‐266. DOI: 10.14237/ebl.6.2.2015.365


Using 3D Microscopy to Analyze Experimental Cut Marks on Animal Bones Produced with Different Stone Tools

Erika Moretti,  Simona Arrighi, Francesco Boschin, Jacopo Crezzini, Daniele Aureli, Annamaria Ronchitelli

Ethnobiology Letters. 2015. 6(2):267–275. DOI: 10.14237/ebl.6.2.2015.349



Diversity and Demographics of Zooarchaeologists: Results from a Digital Survey

Suzanne E. Pilaar Birch

Ethnobiology Letters. 2015. 6(2):276–284. DOI: 10.14237/ebl.6.2.2015.469




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