Bill Reid’s Raven & First Men, UBC Museum of Anthropology. Photo: Nicole Smith.

I study the archaeology of the human use of coastal animals, with a particular concentration on fish, shellfish, and marine mammals along the Pacific Northwest Coast. My research examines how these ancient archaeological records broaden our contemporary perspective on human-animal relationships, present day resource management challenges and the under-recognized legacy of Indigenous settlement, use, and care for these coastal environments.

My research at the University of Victoria is investigating large-scale and long-term patterns in Indigenous resource use on the Pacific Northwest Coast. I am involved in several collaborative research projects on the Coast of British Columbia with Coastal First Nations through the Hakai Institute, and university researchers at Simon Fraser University, UBC, and the University of Oregon.


Visualizing spatial trends in marine and terrestrial mammal hunting in southern British Columbia and northwestern Washington State over the past 8,000 years.

If you have a few minutes, feel free to watch this UAV Footage from 2016 near Bamfield produced by Hakai Magazine.

Research Affiliations:

Hakai Institute

Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre

Resilience Alliance


Canadian Archaeological Association

Canadian Anthropology Society

International Council for Archaeozoology

Society for American Archaeology

Society for Ethnobiology