Current Lab Members

Alyssa (left) assisting on collaborator Charles Menzies’ North Coast mountain goat project (Laxyuup Gitxaala).

Alyssa Ball is a new masters student who has joined the lab from SFU with a double major in Biology and Archaeology and a focus on fisheries archaeology.

Dylan Hillis, Seonaid Duffield, Meaghan Efford, and Robert Gustas (right) on their way to the 2018 PEEC in Bamfield.

Robert Gustas (PhD Student) is a geospatial archaeologist who is pursuing research on coastal paleodemography and shoreline complexity.

Meaghan presenting at PEEC in Bamfield on her research.

Meaghan Efford (Masters Student) is pursuing masters research on the archaeology of shellfishing, specifically gooseneck barnacle harvesting.


Dylan Hillis (UVic Honours Student & NSERC Undergraduate Research Assistant) is conducting research on domestic dog diet using stable isotopes.

Erin Slade (left) about to disembark on a mussel measuring effort.

Erin Slade (MRM Student) is working with co-supervisor Anne Salomon at SFU to investigate the archaeology of mussel shell size variation and sea otters.

Recent Members

Dr. Kira Hoffman is the deserving recipient of the first Bamfield Marine Science Centre Postdoctoral Fellowship and specializes in forestry and anthropogenic fire ecology.


Jacob Salmen-Hartley (Masters Student) is a TA for the UVic archaeology field school and is conducting historical ecological research on Pacific halibut.

Arianna Nagle (right) showing Derek what to look for in the Aristotle’s lantern during the Bamfield community day in 2016.

Arianna Nagle (Honours Student) is completing an honours thesis on Indigenous marine conservation and sea urchin size distribution in the archaeological record.

Seonaid with a successfully collected vibracore from Barkley Sound.

Seonaid Duffield
recently completed a masters thesis on vibracoring & Indigenous fisheries on the Central BC coast with generous support from the Hakai Institute’s Ancient Landscapes Project and Mitacs.

Kelda helped during 2016 & 2017 excavations in the Broken Group.

Kelda Helweg-Larsen conducted her cultural anthropological Masters research with Tseshaht First Nation on western Vancouver Island.

Paige presenting her poster at the UVic women in Science symposium in 2017.

Paige Lewis (work-study student) conducted zooarchaeological lab research in 2017 including experimenting with methods for preparing specimens for the zooarchaeology comparative collection.

Anne (left) excavating at Drimolen for her UVic field school.

Anne Tuominen (MA, Sheffield) assisted with zooarchaeological research tasks in 2016 and 17 and is now working for the Province of BC.