About The Lab

The Historical Ecology and Coastal Archaeology (HECA) Lab at the University of Victoria is a multi-disciplinary group of students and collaborators working with Dr. Iain McKechnie and coastal First Nations on zooarchaeological and coastal archaeological research topics that have relevance for contemporary conservation and environmental management. We use a variety of geospatial, geochemical, ecological, and osteological methods to highlight the contributions that hundreds of human generations of Indigenous settlement have had on coastal environments in British Columbia. Please explore this site click on the links and tabs above.

The lab is always looking for future graduate students and post doctoral scholars (currently for Fall 2023). For potential inquiries, please be in touch by email. In addition to making contact electronically, it helps if you can share your background in a specific document such as a CV, a writing sample, and to consider how your interests intersect with the kinds of research and analyses that the lab and its partners are engaged in.

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